Under a glass bell: Salt


The smoke poured; luring out of the eyes - the weaving undertones of a man that knows, his oval eyes dilate in slices, slithering fragments of truth or illusion, his peering pupils sliding inside the worm hole he navigated with his protruding puffs of smoke, he followed them through; into the…

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I love your silences, they are like mine. You are the only being before whom I am not distressed by my own silences. You have a vehement silence, one feels it is charged with essences, it is a strangely alive silence, like a trap open over a well, from which one can hear the secret murmur of the earth itself.

Anaïs Nin, Under a Glass Bell (1944)

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Love me til I’m bones
and I’ll love you until you
are ash on the waves.

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He hadhopeless passionfor herbutthe anguish ofspiritfrayedhis one greatlove.He sighedat the sacrificehe was preparedto make.-Tyler Knott Gregson-

He had
hopeless passion
for her
the anguish of
his one great
He sighed
at the
he was prepared
to make.

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

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